Cut out that middle!

Today, I’m going to make a quick blog post to discuss overlapping fabrics.  There are few things quite as frustrating as spending an hour stitching an Applique design only to hold it up to the light and see the overlapping fabrics are showing through.  “Too late!”, those tight stitches seem to scream! 

Well, today, I’m going to show you how to beat them at their own little game.  When stitching, tack downs give you a border not only to cut AROUND but also, to cut OUT!  See the pictures below to see what I mean.  You’ll thank me later if you’re not already doing this trick. 

I love this bold red gingham!  However, it’s going to show through almost anything you put over it.  Therefore, after the tack down for the windows stitch, I’m going to take my double curved Applique scissors and cut the inside out. Using heat n bond light will greatly increase your success with this tactic.  

Now, this red will not show through my blue polka dot windows!  No more muddy fabrics.

Using this tip will keep your appliqués clean and crisp.  


Hope this helps!